Air conditioning units for sale Dorset

Are you looking for an honest and reliable business with years of experience that have the best air conditioning units for sale in Dorset? Then Jaylee Refrigeration is the company you have been looking for. Whether your looking for standard refrigeration or advanced air conditioning units in Dorset, we are here for you.

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Air Conditioning Units in Dorset

As a company, we put our skilled mechanics to work for a variety of services relating to cooling and air conditioning units in Dorset. Our services are delivered to the highest standard and with absolute accuracy. Some of are services to Dorset air conditioning and refrigeration include include:

Air Conditioning

We pride ourselves on our ability to adhere to your every air conditioning need regarding air conditioning units for sale Dorset.  Whether it is summer or winter or if we are working for a commercial or domestic client, our mechanics are trained to use the best equipment when installing your Dorset air conditioning units. Our craftsmen have delivered their impeccable standards to renowned companies such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and Hitachi.

Here at Jaylee Refrigeration, we think of ourselves as pioneers in the advancement of air-con technology to deliver an outstanding service for any client needing air conditioning units for sale in Dorset. One of our primary goals is to achieve maximum energy efficiency, saving you money on your Dorset air conditioning unit.

Installation process

Our service is completely comprehensive and encompasses all elements of the installation process for customers looking for air conditioning units for sale Dorset. The quotation service consists of three simple steps:

  • Site survey – we send a trained expert out to examine the site at a time that suits you. This will be your first point of contact when choosing us for your air conditioning unit in Dorset
  • Selection of equipment – using only the most modern and cutting edge technologies, we calculate your requirements in order to find the right Dorset air conditioning unit for your recquirements.
  • Quotation – At this point, our technicians will run through a step-by-step guide as to why this air conditioning unit for sale in Dorset is exactly the one you need. We will then present you with a price for the unit.


The very core of our continued thriving business for air conditioning units for sale in Dorset is based on impeccable maintenance service. We send an elite team of four engineers to every installation. They work on a personal level to address any issues you may have with your Dorset air conditioning unit. For reliable air conditioning maintenance Bournemouth, our team is here to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your system.

Why we are the primary choice for Dorset air conditioning units for sale

Here are just a few additional reasons to make us your first choice when looking for air conditioning units for sale in Dorset:

  • Our goal is to respond to any maintenance request within 24 hours and to give an immediate response for emergencies.
  • Our experience has enabled us to offer an array of knowledge in the field in order to provide a full comprehensive service.
  • We are a family run business that has been established for over 20 years, meaning you get a personal and hands on Dorset cooling system service with us.
  • We are fully F-Gas Registered and proud members of the FSB.

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Before investing in our air conditioning units for sale in Dorset, we recommend that you visit our gallery and testimonials.

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