Custom And Small Air Conditioners In Bournemouth

Do you find it difficult to control the temperature in your building? Our custom and small air conditioners in Bournemouth are the answer to the temperature regulation of your property. We provide refrigerating solutions to businesses in the commercial or catering sectors.

At Jaylee Refrigeration, we understand the necessity of a good ventilation system which is why we are dedicated to providing air conditioning to a wide selection of properties across Bournemouth.

The installation of our Bournemouth air conditioners

Your air conditioner is vital in the establishment of your building. From the installation of our Bournemouth air conditioners, you will be complying with the standard health regulations set by your corresponding industries from which your clients and employees will benefit.

All of the air conditioners we install use inverter technology. What is inverter technology?

This is an innovative system that will continually regulate the temperature in an office space or restaurant. With our inverter technology, you will have the ability to adjust to the temperature you desire and the speed at which it will enter the room.

If you are interested in installing an energy-efficient custom air conditioning on your premises, then we will guide you through the following process:

Site survey

At Jaylee Refrigeration, we will arrange a free site survey on your property. Before the installation of your air conditioners in Bournemouth, we will perform an inspection of the premises to consider where best to install your air conditioning systems.

Equipment selection Bournemouth And Poole Air Conditioning

Having done the investigations on your property, we will then formulate which air conditioner is best suited to your business. We will make the following decision based on our specially developed software that enables us to calculate, from your requirements, the ideal air conditioner for your premises.


After we have undertaken the first two steps of the process, we will then offer you a free quotation based on the air conditioning and your requirements. Our engineers will talk you through the work that will be carried out and will answer any of your questions.

Explore more about the process of your air conditioners in Bournemouth.

Benefits of custom and small air conditioners

If you are wondering what our air conditioners will bring to your business, we have noted some of the benefits you can expect from our installation process.

  • Controllable temperatures
  • Improved air quality
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Increased comfort

Why choose Jaylee Refrigeration?

When you choose Jaylee Refrigeration, you will be putting your trust in the hands of a well-respected team of professional engineers. With more than 20 years’ in the industry, our refrigeration services have been approved by clients across Bournemouth and all of Dorset. Using the leading brands in the industry, you will be guaranteed an expert fitting of your custom and small air conditioners.

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Install an effective ventilation system on your Bournemouth premises. At Jaylee Refrigeration, we are happy to fit custom and small air conditioners for you. Just give us a call on 01202 861010 or email your inquiries to